Registration for WABOL® leagues

To join WABOL® leagues it is necessary to fill in the registration form for individual or group of players that appear below.

I am a player without team

Registration as an individual player will place you in WABOL's group of individual players and as leagues are created you will be placed in a team of 12 players from the same area as you live in. Read the instructions below to complete registration.

(You will be added to WABOL's group of individual players and will be assigned to a team automatically)

Register as a team

Registration as a group of players will ensure that you and your teammates play on the same team in WABOL® leagues. In the event that you do not meet the minimum number of players (12) to form a team, other players from WABOL's individual players will join your team. Read the instructions below to complete registration.

(Los jugadores individuales serán asignados a su equipo hasta que el equipo esté compuesto por 12 jugadores)

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Teams should have minimum12 players registered.

Call us at 670204299 if you have questions

Artificial grass boots or similar and training clothes

Yes, but the ideal is that you come and try it

Several days a week, contact us

Although it was designed for people over 50 it really is valid for any age, gender, physical or technical condition

The main rule is no running, it is played walking.