Friendly game of WABOL®-WALKINGBOL® in the playing field of Arístides Maillol


On Saturday, October 9, 2021 at the Aristides Maillol facilities in Les Corts, Barcelona a friendly match of WABOL®- WALKINGBOL® was held between a team of players from the Catalan League of WABOL® and the women’s team Mum’s WSS Barcelona, a football team made up of mothers of young footballers, with the SPURS legend Steve Archibald in their team.
It was amazing  how quickly they adapted to our game and together with the League players, they played an exciting match, without any contact or running fouls. 
You cannot help dreaming of a Women’s Tournament or League of our game…..

Luisa Barba

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Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer a persona mayores de cincuenta años la posibilidad de hacer ejercicio mientras disfrutan de nuestro juego al aire libre. Entidad creada por dos exfutbolistas; Steve Archibald y Andrew Sims Szegedi (Silvio), para promover el juego de WABOL® en España.

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