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We are back with WABOL friendly matches. September 2023

With the beginning of the month of September, we have resumed WABOL training and we are excited to get back on the playing field. Our players have demonstrated their excellence in the sport, providing authentic matches that are a true example of the spirit of good WABOL.

The experience accumulated over the years has resulted in an extremely fluid and rewarding game for everyone involved. It is evident that our athletes are in a good moment, and their skills are reaching new levels of excellence.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone on our team and those starting with us this season, and express our sincere gratitude for keeping this magnificent sporting spirit alive.

Together, we will continue to work hard, enjoy the game and pursue the best of everyone in WABOL.

Here we are, ready to face new challenges and triumphs in this exciting season!

We also welcome the Boscana foundation of which, this past Thursday, some of its members started to be part of our family.


Luisa Barba

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