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Exhibition Match in the town of Sant Vicenç del Horts Sunday 30/10/2021

Our thanks to Carlos Bucheras, President of the Penya Barcelonista for offering us the possibility of playing in their stadium allowing our teams to show how WABOL® is played.

The game was played by 2 teams of 9 players each in a Futbol 7 pitch. One of the teams included 4 feminine players of the football team Mums WSS Barcelona and a 15-year-old girl.
The rest were regular WABOL® players, including some from the FC Barcelona veterans.

High quality and exciting game that resulted in a 2 all draw.

Standing left to right : Pere Sánchez, Javi Arenas, Andreu Gilaberte, Rocio Cubo, Josep Bel, Jaume Cabasés, Lali Oliver, Enrique Riverola, Xenia Barragan, Joan Domenech, Archibald y Silvio. Bellow: Xavi Sin, Rebeca Vilella, Ingrid Rajadell, Clemente Moreno, josé Guijo, Odino Cristiani, Rodri y Elliot.



Luisa Barba

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