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Nice tournament in Marrakech, Morocco, this October 2023 with the participation of eight teams

Marrakech, a fairytale setting with its magical souks, aromatic mint teas, and enchanting belly dancing, was the perfect location for a WABOL tournament like no other! In a corner of the world where snakes walk proudly in the Place de Fnac, sport became a dance of friendship and camaraderie.

Teams from Morocco, France, Spain and the pleasant surprise of a team from the Sahara, came together in this WABOL fairy tale for two days full of excitement and laughter, on October 21 and 22. From the first whistle, it was as if Aladdin had rubbed the magic lamp and granted everyone a wish: the desire to experience the passion of sport in an unforgettable way.

The teams displayed their magic on the field, as if they were geniuses ready to fulfill all the fans’ wishes. The Moroccans, with their elegance and charm, reminded the world that this city is the authentic «Red Pearl.» The French, with their sophisticated touch, dazzled everyone as if it were a starry night in Paris, the Saharauis with their fine technique dazzled like the golden sand of the desert, and the Spanish with their passion and joy, made the WABOL field a real party.

However, the real gem of this tournament was the lack of a seeding at the end. Because? Because in this game, the real treasure is friendship, and everyone won by sharing this beautiful sport.

Mutual respect was sweeter than a glass of Moroccan mint tea in the middle of the souk. The inclusion of all ages and abilities was like a bazaar full of treasures to discover. Self-improvement shone like lantern lights in the Sahara desert.

But, the most precious of all, was the smile on the players’ faces, brighter than the lanterns in the souks. The joy of sharing sport in a city as special as Marrakech was like a story from the Thousand and One Nights come true.

Until the next tournament, where we will continue searching for treasures in every smile and every touch of the ball!

Text by: Andrew Gilaberte, tournament participant.

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