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International Tournament in Italy

Catalonia represented with our Catalan Women’s and Men’s WABOL® National Teams in a Walking Football tournament in Italy.

Although in Catalonia we play a more social and technical version of WABOL®, we decided to participate in this tournament as an end-of-season and league trip. Despite our rules promoting non-discrimination and social inclusion, we had to separate our teams by age and gender. The game rules were different, but we still achieved good results in all our matches and enjoyed a trip full of camaraderie.

The trip to Italy was a fun and enriching experience, filled with companionship, kindness, and an excellent spirit from all participants. Despite the intensity and number of matches we played, we remained relaxed and savored every moment. The fun among us was spectacular, creating a cheerful and united atmosphere that made each match and activity even more memorable.

From the moment we arrived, the dedication of all team members was evident. Everyone contributed to ensuring that the trip was not only competitive but also an opportunity to strengthen bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

Between matches, we had the chance to share laughs, anecdotes, and moments of rest that allowed us to get to know each other better and enjoy each other’s company.

The kindness and cohesion of the group were key to making this trip an unforgettable adventure. Every victory and challenge on the field was met with a positive and collaborative spirit, highlighting the true value of sport and the importance of unity within the teams.

In summary, the trip to Italy was much more than a series of matches. It was an opportunity to relax, have fun, and create lasting memories in an environment of respect and friendship. The combination of sport, fun, and camaraderie made this experience truly special for everyone who participated.


Luisa Barba

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