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Presentation of our game WABOL® at the Setmana Europea de l’Esport in Sant Cugat del Vallés

A WABOL exhibition match was played in the magnificent facilities of the Sant Cugat Junior Club.
With players mostly resident in Sant Cugat and with the participation of Francesc Carol Regidor d’Esports of the Sant Cugat City Council.
As usual in WABOL, the game was played with good humor and at a good level, very dynamic and fluid without hardly any participation of the referee. With the presence of the Sant Cugat Television and the visit of the President of the EMD of Bellaterra Ramón Andreu. We were also visited by Nando Del Olmo and Cèlia Ciurana from the UE Sant Andreu Football Club.



Luisa Barba




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