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Summary and video of the league 22-23

In Catalonia, we have started to play WABOL in an organized and supervised manner, ensuring compliance with the four main rules:

– No getting angry!
– No fun!
– No running!
– No touching the ball more than 2 times in a row!

The first WABOL league in Catalonia, not tournament that we have already made some, has welcomed 8 teams with players of all ages, without discrimination based on age, gender, physical condition or technical skills. Inclusive and diverse, we boast that «WABOL is the most inclusive team sport that exists».

We have been surprised by the success in the application of these four rules, although we are still working to improve the ban on running. The festive and fun-filled atmosphere in all the games has demonstrated the essence of our game. In addition, we would like to express our gratitude to the Gandhi Foundation for allowing some of its members, under the direction of Esteve Olivella, to join our league as part of some teams.

From the organization, we proudly say: thanks to all of you for helping to promote and fulfill all the criteria of WABOL!

Thank you, champions! We started the 23/24 league in November.


The participating teams were the following:

Barcelona Walkers WB. Team composed of some players of the Barça veterans group and other players with whom they have achieved a balanced team with a good game.
They were part of the team: Antonio Prieto, Jordi Gracia, Enrique Llorens, Massimo Stabile, Pere Sanchez, Iñaki Sáez, Xavi Sin, Laszi Kubala, Emilio Rodríguez, Odino Cristiani Peter Scherstel y Toni Casellas

Racing Sant Cugat WB. Team with players mostly residing in Sant Cugat. In most games they have played an exemplary WABOL. With quick touches and excellent combinations. They were part of the team:  Miquel García, Carlos Toda, Martín Fernandez, Hernesto Morón, Toni Polonio, Ricard Asensio, Alex Manyá, Ángel Soto, Feliu Tura, Jordi Coromina, Jordi Muñoz, Jordi Serra, Xavier Romero y Pere Palau

C.D Cervelló WB. Very good team with players living in Cervelló, very committed to the game as a whole. Great performance in the league.
They were part of the team: Pere Ballber, Enrique Bonilla, Joan LLao, Jordi Ponsá, Lluís Ballber, Alexandre Duch, Raúl Torroella, Pedro Castellano, Eugeni Domenech y Horacio Fuentes.

Barcelona Caminants WB. Team that suffered some casualties but still made good and nice WABOL games, also had some players from the Barça veterans group.
They were part of the team: Fredy Baró, José Guijo, Pere Guardiola, Enric Gracia, Toni Félix, Javi Pitarch, José Miller, Pep Prat y Josep Mª Silvestre.

Esportiu de Barcelona WB. Team formed by quality players that nevertheless, had difficulties to play as a team but with a more than acceptable performance.
They were part of the team: Ángel Pardo, Clemente Moreno, Pere Equisoain, Ezequiel Pituelli, Juan Seguí, Paco March, Pedro Gil, Vicenç Verdeguer y Jaume Cabasses.

Àguiles de Barcelona WB. Another team with quality players although they lacked a more complete midfield. For the next league they are restructuring.
The following players were part of the team: Francesc García, Andreu Gilaberte, Jaume Comas, Luís Gonzalez, Albert Navarro, Antonio Ortíz, Toni Cruz y Enric Riverola.

Mumswabolwss WB. The first women’s team of the league that started with doubts during the first part of the league and nevertheless found the right formula to be a very competitive team.
They were part of the team: Marta Banús, Maite Bassa, Laura Borrell, Elisenda Brugada, Purificación Calvo, Gemma Corsellas, Rocío Cubo, Sonia Escobar, Esther Ferrerons, Marta Gabarró, Olga Huertas, Maria Iglesias, Anna Jorba, Julia Lucato, Neus Medina, Lidia Medina, Glòria Mompin, Elvira Mullieva, África Ocaña, Lali Oliver , Ingrid Rajadell, Angels Trallero, Rebeca Vilella, Alex Tena y Pili Elías.

Laru Mataró WB. Maresme representative team that found it hard to establish a fixed squad. They played well considering the continuous changes in the team. We hope they will be better organized for the next league.
They were part of the team: Julio A. Escabies, G. Rodríguez, Eli Palma, J.Peralvarez, Jaume i Sito Rivera, V. Naranjo, X. Parera y N.Reyes.

Here you have a video summary of the league. Congratulations to all!


Luisa Barba

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