2 touch & walking

Mixed training Sunday 02/5/23

Fantastic WABOL® training this Sunday morning. An exciting game was played, and in a happy atmosphere at all times. The players enjoyed a 2 touch game with the usual sportsmanship of WABOL®
The WABOL® family is growing both in the number of venues and players while the level of play is reaching a very good standard and very important, the understanding by the players that good manners and enjoyment of the game are important requirements.

Standing from left to right: Angels Trallero, Lali Oliver, Rocío Cubo, Glória Mompin, Laura Borrell y Naranjo. Below: Rebeca Vilella, Elvira Mullieva, Ingrid Rajadell, Gemma Corsellas y Anna Jorba.

Standing from left to right: Maiquez, Subirats, Jordi García y Alex Tena. Below: Moreno, Rebeca Villella, Douglas y Bellido.


Luisa Barba



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