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WABOL® at the Marcet Football High Technification Center

WABOL® match played between a team made up of football coaches from the Marcet Sports Center and a regular WABOL® team.

Yesterday, Thursday 15th of December 2022, a team of regulars players of our organization played a friendly game of WABOL® against a team of coaches of the Marcet Football Academy.
The Marcet Academy has an experience of over 40 years as a football school for children and youngsters from all over the world follow link: www.marcetfootball.com.

The idea of the game, apart from strengthening the already
excellent relationship between our entities, is for the Marcet Academy to experience WABOL® with the possibility of using it as part of the activities of the young players in their academy.
The game was played in a friendly manner and with an entertaining draw of 14 goals in a 60 minute duration. The Marcet players adapted inmediately to the no running, 2 touch and other rules. While the WABOL® regulars played their already
usual high level.


You can watch the game at this link:

Click: Game of WABOL®



Luisa Barba





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